More than 100 new dishes to excite your palate added to Right Bite’s ‘Renew You’ menu

More than 100 new dishes to excite your palate added to Right Bite’s ‘Renew You’ menu


Dubai, United Arab Emirates; October 13, 2015: Right Bite is updating its menu and there are now more than 100 new delicious reasons why eating healthy is good for you.

Once again trailblazing for the healthy meal delivery industry, Right Bite is staying true to its commitment of delivering the best healthy eating experience possible with the introduction of a long list of a variety of new dishes to its Renew You program, a personalized meal plan package ideal for individuals who want to lose weight, maintain their fitness, or improve their cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Nathalie Haddad, Founder and Managing Director, The Right Bite Nutrition and Catering Services L.L.C., said, “This move is in line with our efforts of helping people make long-term lifestyle changes that will benefit their overall health.  We recognize the cultural diversity in the UAE and we know that by offering them the widest choice of culinary options, we are truly catering to their needs, tastes and cuisine preferences. We believe this will encourage them more to develop and maintain good eating habits.”

There are new mouth-watering additions to every Renew You menu category, from breakfast to snacks, main meals to desserts.  Over a hundred new items may be a lot but Right Bite made sure that each one of the dishes is consistent with the Right Bite standard: nutritious, well-balanced, made with the freshest ingredients and great-tasting.4aTDplbBLSXz8KnUg5hUNX8-qrnlp3BZL3ypvrJHmeQ[1] bS7wVKHGyyYKnGBwaoyWZdlS2zR8uEY7amRjO-qu3-Y[1] dVYxLIXl4mVljfPtskUgkO-4POjHTkMOhJ4OeP5HsNA[1] H3btyT1WVEyMMpeOUBK78RFiuJAbQ3dWNHoa16mEPD4[1] qYnrCBX5Sp3rXMZW_uHlWJl4cTnG8N4Pl-DDBXpEshM[1] SsH0vF2Esn4c9sEgnsvcgo5jU1IiRGDlq7-hlJJK7dY[1] VeXhCcj7njBdUch4ujBE1cBpZ28G3zqREu2puL5v2Y0[1] XWEeGsLOmHPTvtu5eEDmHc9SpkpuvuIkobfyfLQ-4GA[1]


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