If you are thinking the same like me, than try to think again, Whoever is comes will go one day, but the point is what we have gained by this passing year, lets count the blessings and be thankful for all who ever helped us and makes our life better than before.

Yesterday night when people were waiting for the grand fireworks at world’s tallest tower , the pride of UAE, the sudden fire dim the spirit of celebration, but left a message for each and every one that Show must go on, The rescue Team arrived and safely rescued all the people who ever was inside that hotel.

So Let’s bid adieu to the year 2015 with positive notes and welcome the year 2016 with bang.

Just two days before I was at the beach watching each and every singer waves of silent sea. The sea was very calm and quite, getting ready to welcome of the New Year. It reminded me that before every blast there is a silent moments. Perhaps sea was doing meditation to getting charged with super power.

Super Power, super food, super healthy food, super charged, I think the word super itself sounded like stress and panic.

There is so much more in the word silent, silent and quite ness is very energetic state for healthy mind. The silent sea gave me lots of inspiration for year 2016, more than that the meaning of life, Flower are ready to bloom out of dark and silent night. The simple philosophy of life but with very deep meaning that uses the silence for creativity.

Simple yet powerful way of life is the awareness of who we are and what changes makes us happy is more important.

The most common belief is that every year we make resolution for new year but the very next day we forget about to keep it. So why we can’t change the belief itself, rather we say I try, I try with the positive belief that I will start my day with some remarkable mission. If I forget to smile in the morning I will sure smile in the afternoon. It’s makes our life simple and easy.

My Magic word is for year 2016 is LAUGH, if you have any please share with me. Smile is with small gesture while laugh comes out from the bottom of heart. Laugh is the true happiness. Live and laugh as much as you can. Because I enjoyed what I do and happy about my each activity no matter what a patty task it is.

Happiness is not only state of mind it is vibration of positivity. Try to make someone happy it will sure touch you with double dose of positivity.

Perfection is good but the creative people think differently. Seek the happiness out of imperfection is the art. Only art you can paint the sun in the triangular shape, and there is no right and wrong in the creative world, art is everywhere and for all. The same rule is for life, life is to live and generate the good ness, the grateful ness for the lovely nature thankful for our supporters. Try to be a creative and constructive person in this year. Care, compassion and creativity are the magical tools of life. Dare to live life beautifully strong and laugh freely. My silent wishes for everyone with Small Thank you note: Be Happy because Life is too short to live and thanks for each and every one who supported me last year.

The Gift of happiness is priceless……Ritu


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