“Everybody likes Compliments.”—Abraham Lincoln

The use of language reflects some one’s personality. It defines the character of the person and his or her attitude. Love is the universal language, it does not need any other way to express you can express very well through eyes or smile.  “The New generation is very focused and able to alter his life by altering his attitude.” Well said by William James.

An attitude of being humble, being caring, being respectful is making life simpler and happier. In modern society, when appreciation and compliments comes under the mannerism, one must develop the skill of conversation. Kind words are the pillows of feather, it touches softly but deeply. Start with a new habit of complimenting three people each day, sooner it will be the part of your personality. It is a nice habit to appreciate someone, because by this small gesture of praise, makes not only happy but works as a booster for life.

There are so many magic words: Well done, you deserve it, looking great, love your smile, you have sparkling eyes, the color suits you, you have a great taste etc. These kind compliments are the message of positivity.

Whether you want to start a conversation or want to encourage someone, the smart way to remind that your last project was really marvelous, you are doing great day by day. It supports someone and pushes them further towards the success.

The use of kind words, appreciation is the social responsibility to developing the successful society.

Don’t be lazy to compliment neighbor by appreciating his or her garden skill or musical talent. This is a kind gesture to encourage some one’s skill.

Bring this attitude like a born leader, as leader value other’s people’s opinion, appreciation and acknowledgements. Giving is the shortcuts to happiness; I tried it so many times, whenever I compliment someone I received not only the respect but the pleasure of making some one happy.

There are so many ways of compliments, but the uses of appropriate words are the icing of the cake.

In the present world of social media, we usually like hit the like button on FB, but the real mannerism required to accept that as a compliments. Accept this with a thank you note or mention it in the comments. I have learned this by famous blogger friend Sally Prosser (My custard Pie) and writer friend Sonia.

Looking great, Fabulous, stunning, good job, nice capture, great are very motivating and cheerful words.

I have seen on Facebook and twitter, people acknowledge this on social media sites and like the comments.

There is very thin line between manners and flattering, the effective appreciation is based on the truth and sincerity. The uses of verbs are remarkable for appreciating someone for example, superb, stunning etc. The overdose of kind words are like sugar coated candy, does not left any mark of goodness and start a situation of doubts. The effects of appreciation will be diluted by using the wrong words, because exaggeration of anything is not as much effective as it should be. It turns in to flattery and person start believing less regarding your opinion.

So mind your language and start cultivating a habit of effective appreciation. Try to praise the person rather than action. Perfect compliments are the makers of someone’s day beautiful.

If you are on the other side of the situation, means the receiving side, try to accept with kind gesture.

If someone is giving you compliments about your dress or look, don’t say immediately that I like your dress too. There are so many ways to accept that compliments rather than plain Thank you. You can reply in humble ways that:

How nice of you

Oh, you have beautiful eyes

Bless you

I appreciate your concern

I really like your comments

I am glad that you like it

I am delighted

You made my day etc.

The whole world is connected by internet, once you hit the button publish, it is difficult to undo the task. Though you have choice to delete the comments or block that person, but why to do such complicating things, keep the life simple and effective, try not to use inappropriate words and makes some one unhappy. Manner are the system of society, we all are the part of good society, learn the culture of respect and skill of appreciation. Nothing wrong is being humble and polite, start the new year with effective appreciation and accept the compliments with grateful gesture.



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