Treat yourself to a winter experience in Dubai: Be Ice Queen

Treat yourself to a winter experience in Dubai: Be Ice queen

ICEQUEEN Cryocapsule is behind the international premiere of the revolutionary 21st century Russian cryotherapy equipment. A session of Extreme Russian cryotherapy rejuvenates the human body with the influence of low temperatures from the effects of liquid nitrogen.

Cryotherapy is an opportunity given to man by nature. It involves the ability of the human body to be literally reborn and rejuvenated due to the influence of low temperatures, namely due to the effect of liquid nitrogen. Freezing effect of nitrogen can speed up work of all systems of the body to the maximum, stimulating the processes needed to maintain health and beauty.

Cryotherapy is performed using special ICEQUEEN Cryocapsule and it lasts just two minutes. After the procedure, the skin pores are narrowed, the skin becomes tighter and elastic, and it decreases back and joint pains. It is best to use cryotherapy after hydromassage, Unique ICEQUEEN Ice-water patented combination and it will increase the efficiency of therapies for slimming purposes by several times.

According to ICEQUEEN Cryotherapy’s Physician & Cryotherapist Head Dr. Olga Shuppo, “The main advantage of cryotherapy in the innovated cryocapsule ICEQUEEN is that the cold effect on the whole surface of the body provides maximum coverage at temperatures from -100 down to -170 С.”

With these extreme low temperatures, cryo-therapeutic effect is achieved at maximum providing treatment of minor ailments and diseases with just a few contraindications and no side effects.

Cryotherapy is ideal for sportsmen, frequent travellers or people engaged in physically exhausting jobs as treatments help to recover from stress, relieves fatigue, helps adjust to different time zones, normalizes sleep, fights depression and insomnia, giving you, at the same time, a state of bliss thanks to the release of endorphins after the procedure.

ICEQUEEN SPA also offers signature Cryofacial or cryomassage which is truly one of a kind. The cold nitrogen produces an instantaneous tightness in the skin, filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Skin’s collagen is activated to produce more cells, causing skin to become more elastic over repeated use. Cryotherapy, Hydromassage, and Cryofacial treatments are offered only at ICEQUEEN Wellness SPA located in JLT, Dubai

My Verdict:

I tried the Cryotherapy & Cryo Facial, it is worth for rejuvenate the skin & body . The minus temperature help to produce more oxygen and activate skin collagen to produce new cells. After the treatment of Cryo facial you feel relaxed and firmness in the skin. Try to feel happy and relaxed, it is unique …





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