Monthly Archives: June 2016

Father’s Day

Father’s Day Father is the role model for fixing the broken toys, maths homework , bicycle lesson, first bank account etc.Traditionally, father is the protector of the family and the one who interacts most with the outside world, securing the family‚Äôs place in the world.  As I grew up I have always looked up to […]


AL REEM BAZAAR: WAFI MALL DUBAI Al Reem Bazaar 3 kicked off with a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on 8th of June at WAFI Mall hosted by Eman Al Flamerzi with guest of honor Lojain Omran. Al Reem Bazaar 2016 was a star-studded affair and hosted influential guests of honour for 4 consecutive […]

Calm n Quiet Weekend

Calm n Quiet Weekend : Banish the feeling of crazy  busy week Keep all the worries inside the locked door and after 5 long working days , enjoy the two days of weekend to make life calmer and contended. My real easy tips to banish the crazy busy feeling: Spend some time to do nothing  […]