It’s a big question which machine is to trust completely. Life is on fast tract and we all want to look good. After cooking the second big task is Laundry, everyone will be agreeing on that. If yes I would like to know about your experience that which washing Machine is reliable and complete the task smoothly without fuss.

Crease free dressing makes everyone more confident and amazingly brilliant. I have used couple of different brands of washing machine like: HITACHI, LG, SAMSUNG and DAEVOO. Front Load as well as Top Load.

When I go for selection of Washing Machine I look for, Quick Cycle, Delicate cycle for my silk and chiffon dresses, Wash cycle for tough stains, Power wash for Towel and Linen etc. I want to be confident about the water consumption and electricity also.

Last 5 years I am using Liquid detergents for all types of clothes, my neighbor are giving me compliments that you are a LAUNDRY GURU, because of the colors of my dresses. Sometimes they asked about which detergent I am using, I use separate for colored cloth and for White is separate. After using liquid detergents, I don’t need any fabric conditioner. There are so many liquid detergents available in the market my favorite one is Persil with Lavender fragrance. This is really a good and convenient liquid detergent for colored clothes. No matter how much you wash your clothes it looks as good as you bought them. After using this I have the confidence to wash clothes I only used to hand wash. You can wash all your silk and woolen with this easily. Make sure you use the right washing machine as the wrong machine will damage your clothes. My one tip for good laundry is that Black or dark color clothes wash inside out because you will get lint free wash.

Try not to do overload the machine to last long life. If you want to save your Electricity Bill , do your laundry between 9 pm to 7 am, because the charges are less by DEWA.

Please share your tips for fuss free laundry . Thanks



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