Life is too short to live but sometimes we forget about the things around us,take a time and relax. Make life easier and happy by Zen things :

Do Less and slowly.

Do one thing at a time and do it completely with love.

Devote Time for sitting at the sea shore or under the tree.

Smile and try to do it as much as you can.

Live simply and clutter free.

Burn a candle and watch the flame.

Arrange a set time to do nothing just count the blessings or your own heart beats.

Develop a rituals to take a shower with body massage and aromatic bath scrubs, it make you feel good and happy.

Give Compliments at least three people on a daily basis.

Do clean your surroundings and do it regularly.Cleaning is like a meditation.

Designate time for certain things it creates discipline in your life.

Think about what is necessary and choose the perfect one.

Put space between thing, overlapping things creates confusion and stress.

Serve others it makes you proud for yourself.

Cook food for yourself or for family because cooking is very therapeutically.

Listen music and devote time to sitting. It will help you to listen your soul.

Try and enjoy life in Zen style…..







  1. Zen style seems to make you a better human as a whole. Glad to read it.

      1. You’re most welcome.

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