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Ikebana art of flower is from Japan, the origin of  this floral art considered from the time of Buddha, This arrangement follows certain rules of composition and meaning.

This beautiful artistic display of flowers is not only popular in Japan, but in China and Singapore and Thailand also.

When I was doing my Bachelor of Education, I planned my lesson plan based on Ikebana, because the love of flowers inspired me. I connected my lesson with history, elements of art, color theory, philosophy and Botany too. My both examiners were very impressed.

Here I am sharing the beauty of Ikebana with you :

Why Ikebana is different with other floral arrangements?

The main reason of this beautiful art is its unique placement and the color combinations. It believes in the simplicity and purity.The art of Japanese flower arrangements was developed from the idea it exits only for the person who enjoy doing the act of arranging.

Since Ikebana requires living flowers , everything is devoted to creating the beauty of the moment. The significance of Ikebana lies in giving everlasting artistic life to transient flowers through the repeated act of arrangements.

There are so many ways for Expressions:

HAGUMI: Rearrangement of leaves to create artistic beauty.

HEIKA:Synonym of Nageire, this term used for tall vase arrangements.

MORIBANA:When Ikebana made in flat vase with a holder in it.

NAGEIRE: When Ikebana arranged in the tall vase with out any holder.

SEIKA: Classical Ikebana with detailed restrictions and rules.

SHIPPO: When Metal Holder used in Moribana arrangement.

JIYUBANA:Free style arrangement

SHOWA:An arrangement with an idea of composition based on modern relation and color combination.

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