About me

RCFormerly a visual arts coordinator – I have been living in Dubai, UAE. for a little over a decade. I can call myself a cosmopolitan woman quite safely – as I have seen life both in the UAE and in India. While distinctly different, both cultures have a lot to offer and have contributed to my viewpoint on cuisines and fashion styles.

I wish to share my passion for cooking and for fashion via this blog. I will also share hints and tricks to dress up smartly and the perfect style for today’s woman. I believe living in a fast paced city like Dubai, which hosts different cultures, people and languages  has expanded my vision on what new styles are emerging.

I believe cooking is so similar to art. You have to choose the right colours/ingredients, decide the right quantities, blend different elements/vegetables together, add the right amount of seasoning/strokes – and voila! Your masterpiece is ready to serve/display.

I will be sharing tips on planning events and parties in the most efficient and time-effective way. Tips on shopping for the right clothes and  my thoughts on skin care.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on what I write about or if you have suggestions for this blog. You can visit my food blog here.


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